Update: July 19, 2019


Built For Bartlett LogoIf you haven’t seen the Bartlett High School campus lately, we have made tremendous progress over the summer. Our renovation plans continue to stay on track, and we are scheduled to start school on August 12 with buildings being completed in phases. Our Superintendent and Operations staff continue to meet daily to ensure the project stays on track, and we are excited to share all of our progress to date.

This week, work continues on the Main building connector as well as the Attendance and Guidance areas in the Main building. Work is also being completed on the West building connector, the front drives along Woodlawn, and our auto shop. Our machining equipment has found a new home, and the new Career Technical Education building (far east end of campus) is ready to welcome students when they return.

We will provide additional updates in the coming weeks leading up to the start of school. We look forward to seeing everyone on August 12th as we start our 2019-2020 school year.