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Renovations to Bartlett High School address the needs of students and faculty, as well as provide our community with a campus we can take pride in. Learn why it’s time for Bartlett to make a change.

View the full Master Plan for the renovation of Bartlett High School.

Why Now ?

It’s Time To …

  • Renovate

    Renovate Bartlett High School and give Bartlett students, and the community, the school they deserve.

  • Grow

    Grow Bartlett’s economy with a school system that offers modern facilities and academic excellence.

  • Support

    Support the funding needed to prepare for future growth.

It’s Time Because …

  • Bartlett students deserve the best

    Bartlett City Schools have received the highest possible marks on the state’s report card, and our high school graduates earned $17 million in scholarships last year.

  • BHS is a Century Old

    Parts of the campus are 100 years old, and the last major renovation was 40 years ago. There is a tremendous need to modernize the safety, accessibility and functionality at Bartlett High School.

  • Bartlett City Schools is Fiscally Responsible

    The district has operated under budget every year since its creation in 2013. The decision to renovate rather than build a new school represents a savings of millions to the taxpayers.

  • The cost of doing nothing is too high.

    By 2019 portables will be needed to accommodate our growing student population. In addition, deferred maintenance costs on the existing buildings already exceed $70 million.

Proposed Renovations

• Varsity Gymnasium: Spectator seating for 2,500
• Cafeteria and Kitchen: Seating capacity for around 700; new production kitchen with increased capacity
• Auditorium: Audience seating for 1,000 including stadium seating in the back
• Library: Expanded and upgraded library in first floor location across new courtyard from new entry hall
• Student Commons: Centrally located student gathering area near major circulation arteries and major core functions
• New Entry and Lobby: New entry lobby and main hall create clear and secure entry point for students and visitors; main hall creates an organizing spine for the campus, creating clear circulation paths

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